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    Easiest Way to Hide Sheets

      I would like to keep a separate sheet for me to work on with new draft reports & charts that no other user can see/access

      What is the easiest way to do this?


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          Show condition: qvuser()='You'

          • Easiest Way to Hide Sheets
            Artjoms Tukums

            If you use NTFS security instead of QV security then you can put


            in Sheet Properties -> General -> Show Sheet -> Conditional

            I have files, where only several users can access to specific sheets. I also use both QV and NTFS security. In this case my sheet showing condition looks like:

            =Match(QVUser(),'USER1','USER2') OR MixMatch(OSUser(),'domain\user1','domain\user2')


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                Note that if you use the above methods, you will also have to do the same on any reports that you create as well as in the sheet properties.

                The other way is to simply use "vShow = 1" and create a variable called vShow. Manually changing this value will show/hide the sheet. Sure it's not as autonomous but still works.

                The easiest way is to take a copy of the qve file and store it where only you can see. This also lowers the risk of breaking an application, if your work includes modification of the load script.

                For a full answer you need to tell us exactly what you shall be hiding from other people.

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                    Apologies...do I create the 'vshow' variable in 'Variable Overview'? Assume I define it as '1' and then in the conditional bit I just add 'vshow'= 1'

                    New to a lot of this...would this variable therefore be unique to my instance of the QVD

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                    Good Morning Artjoms,

                    Sorry for disturbance through this mail.

                    Actually in my case also i have used =Match(QVUser(),'USER1','USER2') but my client asked that he will be create one table where all user's Domain,ID and Right will be available.Now i have to access that table and have to match OSUSER with the user having ADMIN rights for provding access to some sheets in the application.

                    So my issue can be summarized as follows -----

                    Hide some sheets in the Application available on the Server.



                    My Client asked me to hide some sheets of QV application available on Server (Accesspoint) based on the USER having ADMIN rights.


                    I have used Conditional SHOW sheet check-box with following logic --------


                    I have created 2 vairables named as "Admin" and "Var"


                    means for these sheets I have given SHOW SHEET condition as =(Admin)>0


                    Where "Admin" is a variable with definition


                    --------- =(fieldindex('ca_user',Var))


                    And "Var" is a variable with definition ----------- =subfield(osuser(),'\',2)


                    As you know, OSUSER() shows DOMAIN\USER-ID.


                    "ca_user" is a field(column) showing USER-ID with administration rights from a table created by Client.


                    It works fine on local machine but it doesn't work on Server like Accesspoint.


                    Insted of FIELDINDEX,i have used EXISTS but this function also works only on local machine not on the Server.


                    Could you please tell me how to hide sheets in the application available on the Server.


                    Thanks and Regards


                  • Easiest Way to Hide Sheets
                    Rob Wunderlich

                    A convienent way to hide the "developer sheet" is to set the Conditional Show property of the sheet (General tab) to "0". This will hide the sheet. When you want to see the sheet press Ctl-Shift-s.

                    This is not a good way to hide secure data, but it works for the cosmetic stuff.


                    • Easiest Way to Hide Sheets
                      Shaun Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

                      Another way,


                      Only display the sheet to your username/osuser, and hide for others.


                      right clikc on sheet -> properties -> click conditional under show sheet, the add the following expression:

                      =subfield(OSUser(),'\',2) = 'YOUR OSUSERNAME'