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    Advice needed: How do you handle the need for calender (or multiple calenders) for dates? I am after soft-skill advice as well as technical

    John Blomqvist

      Hi all,


      I am after some soft-skill advice as well as technical advice on managing multiple dates where one or more calender may be needed.


      My questions are the following:


      1. How do you go about handling the requirement for multiple dates? When do you know you will need a calender for each date or not? How do you identify this type of thing and what helps you make a decision on which route to take?


      I find that a lot of customers are aware of calenders in QlikView but they automatically assume each date field requires a seperate calender.


      I find dates quite tricky to handle in QlikView so often get confused myself on which route to take.


      2. Let's say you have two date fields in a Fact table, is it a good idea to create two seperate calenders? I know in some cases you do and in others you don't, how do you go about identifying which option to go for? Is it common to have multiple calenders?


      3. What are the rules for creating a link table for dates? I am not sure how to create a link table for dates so an example would be good please.


      I am looking to be strong in this area so your best advice in these questions and topics would be appreciated