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    Additional LDAP Filter works?

    Jordi Arenas



      I'm configurating an User Directory connectors by Active Directory. My LDAP has a lot of users and i'm using the Additional LDAP Filters but doesn't work.




      ADDITIONAL LDAP FILTERS: (memberOf=xxxxx,CN=xxxxxx,OU=xxxxxx,,DC=xxxxxx,DC=xxx)


      When  sync the connection Idle, external Fetch and stays at Database Store, and the log say this:

      Retrieved 0 entities from directory

      You are not allowed to deactivate the last root admin account


      But if I connect and syncronize without ADDITIONAL LDAP It works


      Any idea?


      Thanks community

        • Re: Additional LDAP Filter works?
          Levi Turner

          This indicates that the filter that you were trying to apply would've inactivated all the RootAdmin accounts so Qlik Sense opted to not fulfill the sync lest it lock you out of access Qlik Sense.


          I'd check with your LDAP folks to make sure that the filter actually returns users on their end.

          • Re: Additional LDAP Filter works?
            Jordi Arenas


            Finally the problem was the userid.


            For example:


            • all users named John: &(objectClass=user)(name=John*)
            • a specific user: &(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=userid)
            • more than one specific users: (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(|(sAMAccountName=userid)(sAMAccountName=userid)))