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    Massive Drop tables

    Eduard Cabanas Gili

      Hi all,


      I have a process that load several xlsx file every night and put all the info into a QVD. The problem is how to delete all tables after the loading.


      LOAD [Article Code]as ItemId,

           Upper(Proveedor) as Proveedor_Tarifa,


           Fecha as From

      FROM [C:\Users\ecabanes\Google Drive\02. Logistics-comercial-accounting\Tarifas EDU\Qlikview\*.xlsx](ooxml, embedded labels, table is Tarifas);




      Load ItemId, Tarifa, Upper(Proveedor_Tarifa) as Proveedor_Tarifa,From,Proveedor_Tarifa&'-'&ItemId&'-'&From as Tarifa_Id

      FROM [E:\Data BI\Qlikview2016\Data\Tarifas.qvd] (qvd);

      Concatenate (QVD)

      load ItemId, Tarifa, upper(Proveedor_Tarifa) as Proveedor_Tarifa,From,ItemId&'-'&From as Tarifa_Id resident Tarifas_New;

      drop table Tarifas_New%;


      Many thank's