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    Questions on QlikView with KDB via ODBC/OLEDB


      I am evaluating QlikView 9 with KDB. I have downloaded the KDB ODBC driver. In my evaluation with QlikView, I could use QlikView to browse all tables and schema in KDB. However, when I tried to add query to select the table content, it returns an error code which I have no idea with it. My query is just something like "select sym from table_name"

      I have also tried to put 'q' statement and it did not work as well.

      Could somebody please give me some clues on.

      1) How to setup ODBC connection to KDB on QlikView?

      2) What syntax I should use to query the KDB table?

      3) Could I use 'q' syntax instead of normal SQL?

      Appreciate if anyone could let me know any documentations on this.