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    Help with Loop

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all,


      i am currently implementing an incremental load into an existing extract script.

      here is a brief description on how my client wants it to work.


      an admin user would update a field in the db with the amount of previous years to go back to extract.

      Transaction_Years = 2

      so far i have added a variable for the max year (taken from the list of distinct years in the db and a variable for the Transaction_Year that has been entered by the admin person.


      vMaxYear = 2016

      vTransaction_Year = 2


      so what i want is to run a loop which loads all data for those years (2014,2015,2016) and stores each year into its own QVD.

      apologies but i can't get my head around how to do this.

      can anyone help please?