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    how to write this exp in qliksense

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,


      i  wrote a exp in reference line in a line chart in qliksense

        count(distinct ID)...

      which gives me Total line on top which is great ,but the problem is,this reference line  ignoring the X-axis dimension which is Time..


      i mean let say if i got data like this


                  Time                ID

                    1 jan 5:00        2

                    1 jan 5:30      20

                    1 jan 6:00      10 



      so the reference line is showing me a straight  Total line of 32 ,which suppose to a curved  line ,at 5.00 it should the reference line should start from bottom (2) then at 5.30 it should move to top(20).......in simple words a rollacosta line


      so how to synchronize this reference line exp with dimension (Time) in Qliksense