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    Security rules

    Pavone Mateo

      Dear good day, I have a query.
      I have a user who has permission to create applications in your work area and Member's an stream XX. What I'm wanting to do is get these permits for current Stream ZZ. It is feasible to create Certain current and duplicate sheets in sequence Another reader solo sea.

      It's possible ?

      Many thanks and greetings.

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          rohit kumar

          Hi Mateo,


          What I got from your words, You have one user who has access to a stream i.e XX , Now you have one another stream and you want You have one another stream ZZ and you want your user have same type of development access with the application and what you only looking for duplicate the application and published it to ZZ , Please confirm so I can answer you better ?

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            Pavone Mateo

            Thank you very much for your answer. I could solve the problem. I appreciate your interest in helping. regards