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    Fixed KPI - Count ignoring all filter selections

    Giacinto Abbruzzese

      Hi all,


      i'm looking for a script command that allows me to create KPI's that (e.g. Count, Sum) always stay the same, although i might have selected certain filters on the Dashboard. My idea is to visualize on one Dashboard fixed KPI's for overall perspective vs. dynamic KPI's (that change with each filter selection) for specific or more detailed KPI's.


      Let's say my data consists of 1000 rows. Each row is a customer. Let's say the field is named 'Customers' next to many other fields (columns) in a given set of data. I always want to see the Count of Customers = 1000 in the KPI, no matter which filters i have selected at the same time.


      I've looked for some hints here in this forum, but couldn't find the solution.


      Thanks in advance,

      bye bye