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    QlikView SAP OLAP data pull huge memory

    M D

      Hi Everyone


      I am running a simple query from QlikView to SAP BW which is suppose to retrieve data from 1 day. When we run the exact same query from BEX it runs in less then 5 minutes. However when we do it via QlikView it takes forever and fails. I contacted our SAP team and they are saying it is create a huge memory dump at their end and no restriction are comming thru from the SAP query. hence when it queries huge DSO it just hangs.


      Question is below query has restrictions for 1 day pull however when it is submitted at SAP end it does not. What could be the cause and how can we fix.




      Load *;

      Select PseudoMDX D (

      Dimensions (

        [ZI_CDATE] (),

        [ZI_PCEPIN] (),

        [ZI_TERMNL] ([2ZI_TERMNL]),

        [4NECD43L5V0PU2UUZF1VZFWOC] ()),

      Measures (

        [4MYA61UEANGPYJ4F4877TYWJ0].[4MYA62HFVJ9UIEQRLQE8O4SOC]), //Pieces

      Slices (

      [ZI_TERMNL].[00000522], [ZI_TERMNL].[00000511]),


      Variables (

        [!V000001] (I [ZI_CDATE__0DATE].[20160906]:[ZI_CDATE__0DATE].[20160906])),

      From (Z**_****/queryname));