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    How to change my data

      So I have an excel sheet that is 500,000 rows by 30 columns large. "PERSONGROUP" is a column title with about 50-60 different entries. The problem is that several of these entries should be grouped together so that there are only 10-15 different entries (i.e. 'FAC', 'FAC1, 'FAC2' should all be called 'FAC', and 'ES', 'ESMGR', 'ES1' should all be called 'ES'). What is my best course of action? Should I go back and change all the data in the excel sheet (which would take a very long time), or is there some way I can edit the script in qlikview to group or rename specific data? I am not a very experienced coder, so the simpler the answer the better.