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    Field not found at IntervalMatch()



      i am new to QuickView and i am trying to get IntervalMatch to work. I read a bunch of forum posts and documentations but i don't get the error. Is it possible that the Personal Edition doesn't support IntervalMatch?

      This is my code:


      mapping LOAD * INLINE [
      a, b
      1, b1
      2, b2
      15, b15
      LOAD * INLINE [
      a_von, a_bis, baz
      1, 5, baz1_5
      1, 10, baz1_10
      10, 20, baz10_20
      Intervalmatch(a) load a_von, a_bis resident bar;

      And i get this error:



      Field not found
      Intervalmatch(a) load a_von, a_bis resident bar

      Any hints?

      Thanks for your help!