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    NPrinting Server Connection Stuck On "Generating"

    Ann Weiner

      I am having a problem with the On Demand printing feature in NPrinting 17.2.


      I upgraded to Qlikview 11.20 SR 15 and NPrint 17.2. I also installed the On Demand feature. Everything seems to have installed correctly (no errors on installation). I ensured that the Nprint service account is assigned to the appropriate groups on the server (Qlikview Administrators and Qlikview Management API). I also set the On Demand trusted server setting.


      For setting up the connection, I am following the on demand configuration instructions by setting the connection as a server connection (as opposed to a local connection). After creating the connection, it is stuck in the "Generating" status and never finishes. I am able to generate cache using local connections on the same documents (although somewhat slower to generate than in 17.1).


      I did try to create an on demand report using an existing local connection, but the on demand button doesn't surface on AccessPoint.


      Questions: To use the On Demand feature, must I use a server connection to the qvw? And if that is the case, what could be causing the cache to never finish generating?