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    how to automate a formula for each month



      I have a formula to see for a product the unsubscription rate along the weeks :

      if (count({<Offre={'Product1'}>}creato)>0, count({<Offre={'Product1'}>} total creato) - rangesum(above(count({<actif={0},Offre={'Product1'}>}creato),1,rowno()-1)))

      My dimension is "weeks".

      "creato" is the date of subscription


      Now I'd like to have a graph line for each month of subscription.

      The only way I made it works was to create an expression for each month of "creato" , such as " if (count({<Offre={'Product1'}, Year= { '2008'}, Month= {'juin'}>}creato)>0, count({<Offre={'Product1'}, Year= { '2008'}, Month= {'juin'}>} total creato) - rangesum(above(count({<actif={0},Offre={'Product1'}, Year= { '2008'}, Month= {'juin'}>}creato),1,rowno()-1)))"


      Is there a way to automate it ?

      If I set "monthname (creato)" as a second dimension, I don't know how to manage with the "total creato" for it to be only a total of the monthname (creato).

      Sorry for my English.


      I'd be glad if someone could help me.