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    NPrinting 17.2 Images Does't Display

    Sankar Rajamoorthy

      Hi Experts..


           Am using NP 17.2 i need to add image(Bar Chart) on Excel Report. So i just click the Edit Template &click add image select a chart ID(Bar chart-90 Days stck) then Drag and Drop the Image into Excel sheet after that i looking for the preview It Was Shows Like Below:

      image issue.JPG

      It ll not show the image !!..


      How can i resolve this issue..


      Any Suggestion ??

        • Re: NPrinting 17.1 Images Does't Display
          Sankar Rajamoorthy

          Finally Solved This issue....


                    The Problem is When you Create the  Connection to app First time all chart want to be maximized if any charts are minimized that charts does not display in NPrinting 17.2 . So i Delete the connection and rename the app and maximized my all charts after that i create new connection then all chart Shows fine...