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    Graphing capabilities


      I am very new to QlikView and in the process of evaluating its capabilities.

      Some brief background of our situation and desires

      We have a database that collects performance data from our cancer treatment machines on a more or less continuous basis. We would like to be able to chart some of these parameters against time and then zoom into areas that show anomalies and then add parameters to the existing chart or add charts with new parameters for the same time period.

      As an example I am trying this with 2 parameters against time:

      Samples of the two tables I am using are below, the first is a doserate, the second is a parameter that can affect doserate.. QlikView sets up a relation with time as the key but I cannot find a way to make QlikView draw a graph of doserate against time without any aggregation or expressions. .

      Any suggestions gratefully received


      008/03/2010 07:15:09
      1308/03/2010 07:19:50
      41908/03/2010 07:19:51
      42208/03/2010 07:19:52
      42008/03/2010 07:19:53
      41708/03/2010 07:19:54
      41408/03/2010 07:19:55
      40608/03/2010 07:19:56
      40508/03/2010 07:19:57
      40008/03/2010 07:19:58
      39408/03/2010 07:19:59
      39108/03/2010 07:20:00
      38508/03/2010 07:20:01
      38408/03/2010 07:20:02
      38108/03/2010 07:20:03
      37908/03/2010 07:20:04
      008/03/2010 07:20:05
      4408/03/2010 07:20:17
      37108/03/2010 07:20:18
      36408/03/2010 07:20:19
      36308/03/2010 07:20:20



      3408/03/2010 07:06:28
      008/03/2010 07:11:13
      3408/03/2010 07:15:09
      3808/03/2010 07:16:42
      4308/03/2010 07:16:45
      5008/03/2010 07:16:48
      5808/03/2010 07:16:50
      5308/03/2010 07:16:53
      5008/03/2010 07:17:00
      4308/03/2010 07:17:03
      3808/03/2010 07:17:05
      3408/03/2010 07:17:12
      1408/03/2010 07:18:54
      1308/03/2010 07:19:51
      1208/03/2010 07:19:52
      508/03/2010 07:19:53
        • Graphing capabilities
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          If you could upload a QVW file with a sample of your data, it would help. Thanks!

            • Graphing capabilities


              Hello Jason (and others)


              I have atached a file that I started last week.


              There are 4 tables of data all keyed on time. The doserate is an output from our machine which can operate at several different energies, listed in the energy table. The 2RI table contains values of a parameter that can have an effect on the doserate.

              The ideal operation is a jump from 0 doserate to the operating level in less than 2 seconds followed by a period of operation at a constant doserate. If the doserate is not constant I would like to be able to select the period of time during which it is changing and then look at other parameters, such as 2RI, to see if I can correlate the doserate variation to one of the operating parameters.

              To facilitate this I would like to be able to just plot in the first instance doserate against time without any aggregation.

              Thanks for looking.