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    complex calc in barchart

    Eric Hannert

      Hi comm,


      i have a bar chart in which i want to show the ratio between sales and retoure of an article.

      The article is the articlename plus the size. Its a combined Dimension btw.

      My problem is that in the database every article is unique, so i have an articlenumber that unique and i need to do the calc over the articlenumber. But i cant show it in the chart cause its to big. Thats why i have articlename and size as dimension.

      So i have sum of sales and sum of retoure like:


      Sum({$<[art_ret]= {'sale'}>} amount_RET) //same with retoure just change {'retoure'}


      but i dont know how to aggr with my articlenumber when articlename and size are a dimension.

      Hope someone can help, thanks in advance!!