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    How can you get data from WebTrends Via their REST URLs?


      I am trying to pull WebTrends data into QV using their REST URL data extraction methodology. However, you cant embed an ID and PW in the REST URL and QV doesnt prompt for a login (unlike Excel which knows to prompt for a login.)

      Does anyone know how to authenticate from a REST URL call?

        • How can you get data from WebTrends Via their REST URLs?
          Glenn Renwick

          I'm trying to do the same with some success. I haven't finished my module yet but it is half way there.


          Basically, I set my username and password as variables which can be set in the module or the values can be added into the app.


          Then in my module I simply have:


          Set g_objHttp=CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")






          At the moment, I'm just using this to create an output file and use it in LOAD script immediately after.


          I use Webtrends OnPremise but I guess it would be more or less the same for Ondemand


          Hope this helps