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    nPrinting showing as Processing on app but in ODS different

    David Whelton

      I have a test server called AD28 where lies my application.

      I then have my nPrinting server where my nPrinting nsq lies which is called AD16.


      When I load my app to use On Demand, I select one of the buttons and watch it go into the Report Queue and it shows as an infinite 'Processing'


      I take a look at the Internal file in the ODS file and get the following


      System.Exception: netsh process exit with code 1

         at NPrinting.OnDemand.NetAclChecker.RunNetsh(String args)

         at NPrinting.OnDemand.NetAclChecker.AddAddress(String address)

         at NPrinting.OnDemand.ServiceStarter.Start(ServiceSettings settings)

      2016-09-26 13:48:33,118 [1] INFO NPrinting.OnDemand.ServiceStarter - Opening HTTP endpoint...

      2016-09-26 13:48:33,830 [1] INFO NPrinting.OnDemand.ServiceStarter - HTTP endpoint is bound

      2016-09-26 13:48:33,830 [1] INFO NPrinting.OnDemand.ServiceStarter - On-Demand service has started successfully

      2016-09-26 14:28:17,479 [40] DEBUG NPrinting.OnDemand.ODSService - Enqueued a request for a new report. RequestId = b9009eaa-96e5-4c99-8b0a-95ac31c5421e, ReportId = [FileName: \\\d$\Nprinting Apps\Service Desk\SD_Report.nsq, EntityName: ADS], Settings = [RecipientName: , OutputFormat: PPTX, SavedFilters: [], CustomFilters: [], LinkedFieldFilters: []]




      Here is what I have on my dialog box



      where nPrinting =

      let nPrinting = '\\\d$\Nprinting Apps\Service Desk\SD_Report.nsq';


      Any help appreciated why i am getting an infinite loop of 'Processing'