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    Qlik Sense http

    André Costa

      Hello community.


      I hope you can help with the following issue:


      I have a requirement to put a Qlik Sense app available in Ipad devices. As I'm aware there's a certificate issue with apple which prevent access using https. As buying a certificate is, currently, not an option the solution is to make it available through http.


      -All ports needed by qlik sense seem to be open.

      -I'm able to log in to the hub and see the apps using http from my machine (using the link http://ipaddress:81/hub

      -When using the same link from other pc I'm redirected to http://ipaddress:4248/windows_authentication.

      -I've tried with firefox and IE on my pc and both work using http.


      As anyone faced a similar issue? Why is the redirecting happening?