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    Date table and connection

      Hi Everyone,


      Now I want to create a neutral Date table (in data load editor) to use its columns in creating Visualization filters then after that I want to link every chart in the visualization to the current selection on those filters.


      Breaking up the question:

      1. Neutral Date and time table Script for Qlik sense 

      2. A selection statement for showing only what is selected in visualization selection.


      Thanks In advance

        • Re: Date table and connection

          so for the first part of my question I created a neutral table using the following script if anyone would like to use it ;



          load Month(makedate(2000,rowNo(),01)) as "Month"

          autogenerate 12;



          Load rowNo() as "Day"

          autogenerate 31;



          Load year(now())+1 - RowNo() as "Year"

          autogenerate 5;

          this creates 3 tables one for year ,one for month and one for day.