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    Qlik Sense Calculate Measure from other Calculated Measures



      I would like to create a table from a current (dynamic) selection, basically to be able to double check the calculation before I plot it.


      In this table I would like to add some new dynamic calculated columns. I can easily create a single calculated measure. However, If I include this new column in yet another calculated field I get an error in the formula (The funny thing is that if the formula is simple enough, I still get the correct calculated values in the table)


      My questions are:


      1) How can I get around this? How can I use one or more calculated measures in the dependent calculated measure. What is the right way of doing this in Qlik?


      2) I would also like to be able to use the Before() keyword in the formula of the current calculated measure. i.e to be able to get the previous value.


      Thanks for your help.