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    http to https with Qlikview Webserver

    nihal n

      Hi Team,


      We have installed the QlikView Server (Full Installation, single machine with QlikView Webserver) and here we didn't choose to install the 'Microsoft IIS Support', so basically instead of IIS we have installed 5 Services including QV Webserver. Everything was successful and works fine.


      But, now we have a requirement to convert http to https (both AccessPoint and QMC). After searching the community, we did find the attached documentation which I have gone through and got little confused, because all 3 documents are different, in each of the document I have noticed some extra information.


      I would like to request you all to guide me to follow the exact document to implement the process by considering the following points.


           -     Currently we don't have SSL certification

           -      Any IIS was even not installed in the Domain or server

           -     Windows Server 2012 R2

           -     QV version 11.2

           -     Tried to download Guidgen.exe from Microsoft to generate a unique GUID, but unable to download the same.


      Kindly advise.