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    how is qlikview embedded in sales force different from qlikview standalone?

      I'm going in for a job interview on Wednesday, and need some background info before I get there.


      The client uses Salesforce with Qlikview embedded.  I've only used Qlikview as a standalone.  I started talking about developing data models to drive the charts, and my contact didn't know what I was talking about, but, I don't think he knows QV very well.  He's a manager, not a user.


      So, I need to know how QV within SF is different from the standalone QV.  I see posts about Salesforce/QV connector, but I'm unsure if this is just a way for a standalone QV to talk to SF or not.


      Would I build qvd's the same way?  Is the end result stored in a qvd?   What hurdles should I anticipate in using this particular configuration?


      They will be using NPrinting too.  This tool was not around when I last used Qlikview, but it doesn't look that hard.  Any input on that in this configuration?


      Thanks in advance.