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    Qlik sense security

    Anil danda

      Hello Developers

      Is it possible to show qlik sense app with all tabs in desktop for a user and the same app with only limited tabs for the same user on ipad ?


      Example: i have a app abc and a user 123 my requirement is if the user login from desktop to view the app he should see all sheets from the app if the same user login from ipad to see the same app he should see only limited sheets.

      Please let me know




        • Re: Qlik sense security
          rohit kumar

          Hi Danda,


          First of all you donot need to get login or credential for desktop application.

          Secondly , lets say you give a permission to a specific user to view all sheets , Now , No matter he is using android , IOS , I pad , he will have same visualization with same security level. This is what we call smart visualization.


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          Rohit Kumar