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    Different Accent Coding QlikServer

      Hi everybody,


      i have this trouble while loading .txt file on server.

      The problem we found is that the field " società " has the character "à" coded with a hex code other than what's in the script, then the "à" that is in the source files (.txt) it is different from "à" that is in the script.

      We also realized that the one present in the file is actually an " à " (with a tilde), anyway the ETL code check the field so if it doesn't  find the " Società " should load " Società " (see below )

      LOAD [Nr.doc.] As [document ID],
      '-' As [Soc. Doc partners.]
      dates (makedate ...

      FROM [aa.txt]
      (Txt, code page is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is '|', no quotes, header is 3 lines, filters (
      Remove (Col, Pos (Top, 1)),
      Remove (Row, Position (Top, 2))))

      Error: Field not found - <Società>

      if ScriptError=11 then


                      LOAD [Nr.doc.] as [ID documento],

                           [Società ] as Società,

                           '-' as [Soc. partner doc   ))  …

      Error: Field not found - <Società >

      end if


      set ErrorMode=0


                      LOAD [Nr.doc.] as [ID documento],

           Società  ...      and so on.



      how can i fix this?

      i also tried to load the file without labels (see below)


          LOAD [@1] as [ID documento],

               [@6] as Società,


      FROM [aa.txt]

          (txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is '|', no quotes, header is 3 lines, filters(

      Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 1)),

      Remove(Row, Pos(Top, 2))


      but in the future the positions of the columns could change and this is not a stable solution.


      Thanks in advance!