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    Qlikview Rest Connector oAuth 2.0 Pagination

    Peter Cappelle

      I've installed the Qlikview REST connector because i want to connect through oAuth 2.0 to Exact Online.

      In Qlikview when i select the RESTConnector and connect i can provide:


      URL: https://start.exactonline.fr/api/v1/{Division}/financialtransaction/TransactionLines


      Because it is oAuth i need to provide an name value pair under Query parameters:


      Name: access_token

      Value: Some long token


      Click on Test Connection and get Connection Succesfull, nice!!


      Now i want to add some pagination so on the last section i see Pagination i choose for:


      Next URL

      Next URL field path: feed/link/attr:href

      Here is where my problem starts and i got this uggly error


      Connection failed

      HTTP protocol error 401 (Unauthorized)

      Requested resource requires authentication


      The question is how can i use pagination on a REST api connection with oAuth2.0?