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    how to display total of a row based on a condition in bar charts

      Hi All,

      I am a newbie to QlikView and have recently installed QlikView 9 Personal Edition and have started doing hands on. Pardon me if my query looks to be too basic, any help would be greatly appreciated.

      I have a table with fields. I need to display the total of a field of few rows where all those rows satisfy a condition on another field, this total value needs to be displayed in a bar chart, i hope i am clear.

      I am enclosing the example data below for clarity, hope it serves the purpose.

      Request Status Time(sec)

      Req1 In Process 100

      Req2 In Process 200

      Req3 Completed 50

      Req4 Completed 70

      In the above case, i have a listbox which displays Request and another list box having Status.

      My Requirement is that if i chose "In Process" in status listbox a bar chart should display the sum of all the time ie. it should display value (100 + 200)300 sec and if i choose "Completed" in Status list box it should display (50+70) 120 sec in the bar chart.

      I understand if i introduce a bar chart in my view then what should be the expression that i should put so that my requirement above is satisfied ?

      Thanks in advance