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    [qlik sense 3.0] I can't programmatically set selections for field. Please assist...

    Bill Gates

      Hello, I'm new in qlik sense and I'm trying to work with qlik programmatically.


      I'm trying to set selections for field with month names (on russian language).





      And i can do it by next code and it works:


      -- only 1 value i can select by next command

      app.field(fieldName).selectMatch('фев', true);


      -- by qElemNumber



      But it not appropriate for me for some reasons.




      I want to select values by something like next.


      app.field(fieldName).selectValues([{qText: 'янв'},{qText: 'фев'}], false, false);

      app.field(fieldName).selectValues([{qNum: 1},{qNum: 2}], false, false);

      app.field(fieldName).selectValues(['янв', 'фев'], true, true);


      But it not works for me.

      Please help me with right command.