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    Connecting qlikview to PostgreSQL with ODBC connector

    luis martin-roldan

      Hi all,


      I'm new to the forum here. Registered specially for the purpose of posting this very question, so I hope there is a Guru around here who can help me out with it hehe


      So, this is the situation:
      - The machine is a 64 bit Windows 7.

      - Qlikview 64 bit version installed.

      - PostgreSQL for desktop 9.6 32 bit version installed.

      - Last version ODBC drivers for Postgre installed, 32 bit as well.

      - Connector made using the administrative tools in the control panel section.


      There is a database, 'mydb', with a table, 'people', with some information (3 rows). I have tried everything to get QlikView to connect to the database but I have not quite got it right yet.


      The steps I follow:


      1. Open QlikView and create a new application.

      2. Ctr + E to open editor, then mark the "force 32 bits version" check box, select "ODBC" and hit "Connect".

      3. Select my recently created connector, namely "PostgreSQL30", which in turn opens a dialog box like in the attached picture.

      I think that my mistake might be in this step, because I leave the 'Server' space blank, but I don't really know what should I write there :/

      4. Connect.


      Then, the easy "ODBC CONNECT32 TO PostgreSQL30;" is written in the editor, but when I try to insert a select query afterwards, eventhough the workings of the connector seem to work just right, the select dialog doesn't show any table to be selected  **HULK MAD**


      Really, any help will be appreciated.