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    Bubble Size Maps

      Dear all,


      I have scoured the web far and low for someone who has had a similar issue to me - to no avail.


      I can't for the life of me work out why my bubbles on one, specific, qlik sheet, won't resize.


      My document takes data regarding the populations of 25,000 cities, ranging from a population of 15,000 to 25 million.


      I can change the bubble sizes according to colour, but not according to size.


      I thought that maybe the problem was caused by the large differential in population size, so I created a test document with several cities ranging in population from 10 to 10^13 - a much larger differential - Qlik had no issues.


      SO - I was wondering whether anyone had any clue what's going on? Any help is greatly appreciated!



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          Having spent literally hours on the same sheet I decided to try it once again on a different sheet. It WORKED.


          I tried to recreate it in the original sheet - no luck?


          I think the original sheet was cursed.


          If a moderator sees fit to delete this - please go ahead