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    A link between two tables - works - still, in a diagram, it doesn't ...

    Friedrich Hofmann



      in an app I'm currently working on, I have a chart with several dimensions where all the fields so far come from one table.

      I have now modified the script so that, through a series of JOINs (adding more data from other tables), the final table still has only as many records as the diagram displays - more are not necessary.


      Now I want to join one field from another table - a link between those two tables works (I always test with linking the tables first, before joining them) and I have seen in a small auxiliary diagram I have made that every key_field in my primary table has a match - and only one match - in the other table.

      I am just running it again, loading the key_field with another alias in either table so I can check whether it really does match.

      <=> Still, it is not displayed in my diagram. And I wonder why - as I said, there are several dimensions, but the one I used as key_field in my auxiliary diagram is the one with the finest granularity, so to speak.


      Can anyone shed some light on this?

      As mostly, sharing the script would be immensely difficult since it uses data files from our QlikView_installation. No secrets here, but it is a lot of data I have to compute.



      Best regards,