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    Issue with QlikView Task Management Utility

    Manish Kumar

      When we are trying to start QlikView task using QlikView Task Management Utility (QMSEDX console), we are not getting task completion status  (return status of task) properly. We are receiving success/failure status properly for tasks which are completing in less than 5 to 10 min. However, we are facing an issue with long running QlikView tasks where we are getting task status as failed (return status as 1) within 3 minutes of task starts even though it is completing. 


      Here are the command which we are using to trigger QlikView task:


      Command: D:\QVIntegrationWork\Release\qmsedx -task="Task name" -qms="http://qvServer:4799/QMS/Service"

      Example: D D:\QVIntegrationWork\Release\qmsedx -task="UC4_EDX_Task"  -qms= "http://qvServer:4799/QMS/Service"