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    Set Analysis does not correctly work in Qlik sense

    Haikuo Yu

      In my data, there is one column myField,

      I use myField for Qlik sense Filter pane.

      I put the following in Qlik sense Text&image object to dynamically show the selected value (myPen, myBook, myPaper) from myField, such as the following:

      'Count of my selected myPen : ' & Count( {$<[myField]={'myPen'}>} [myField] ) & chr(13)

      & 'Count of my selected myBook : ' & Count( {$<[myField]={'myBook'}>} [myField] ) & chr(13)

      & 'Count of my selected myPaper : ' & Count( {$<[myField]={'myPaper'}>} [myField] ) & chr(13)


      However, the above expression always show the total number of each category (myPen, myBook, myPaper), the number will NOT dynamically change when I select different value (myPen, myBook, myPaper) from myField.


      Could you please give any suggestion?