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    Make dims persist in a table (make them static )

    Swarup Malli

      Hi have a table object   it has 1 dimension and 2 expressions.


      My requirment is when a user makes a selection on a filter the columns in table should persist

      Ex  In the below ex ,by default the values are displayed as shown below

      dim                      measure

      1 Honda Civic        $1000


      Now when a user makes a selections in one of the filters ,and the value 1 Honda Civic may not not meet the selections criteria,so by default it disappeares  ( that's how qlik is designed to behave),but I want the chart to overide that behavior,it should display NULL in the expression  (see below)


      dim                      measure

      1 Honda Civic      NULL




      I don't want to use {1} in the set expression nor 'Dimension=' inside nor Total qualifier in the set expression,they don't give me the desired result