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    Working in Multiple Database


      I am new to Qlikview.

      Can anyone give me an Idea about How to access multiple database in a asingle qvw file.

        • Working in Multiple Database

          Depends how many databases you need to access and the types of databases.

          Generally you would want to create a repository which would provide you with one database containing all the tables you need for your reports. Probably a datawarehouse of some sort.

          If that is not possible, then I believe you can load the tables you need from each database via odbc into qlikview

            • Working in Multiple Database

              Thanks for Replying,

              I need to access 3 different database like Teradata,oracle & sql server in a single qvw file. and If I am creating a reprository, where the data will get stored and can u plz tell me the process for creating reprository.




                • Working in Multiple Database

                  Hi Palaneee,

                  You can use multiple database using different connectors(Like ODBC or OLEDB) and Qlikview will work on AQL and it has in built of ETL, so whatever the data you pulled from datasources it will get store in QVW application.