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    How can we export two different files from list box one selected items another file is not selected ?

    sucharitha komati

      I am working on exporting different files from list box one is for selected, values and another one is for not selected values

      I could  get export values from selected values using  function like this(=GetSelectedCount(feildname))


      Conditionally exporting file from selected values

      variable vselect=GetSelectedCount(feildname)

      sub export

      If (ActiveDocument.Variables("V").GetContent.string) >0 Then

      Path = "filename"

      set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("LB01")

      obj.ExportBiff Pat


      end sub


      Also tried same way to export not selected values  using function  =GetnotSelectedCount(feildname)


      but not getting it .