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    What are the steps to perform using a Qlik View document(.qvw)  developed in Qlik View 9 personal edition so that it can be viewed in browser?


      I am newbie to QlikView and have recently installed Qlik View 9 personal edition. I have developed few reports in a .qvw document which i now want to view via browser, in other words, i understand that it need to be published to a web server.

      I understand little bit from the documentation that in this process Qlik View server and/or Qlik View publisher might be involved, please correct me if i am wrong. But sadly, i have not been able to find any reference material which lists down the complete basic steps how to achieve this.

      I have Qlik View 9 Personal Edition installed along with Qlik View server, Qlik View Management Console and Qlik View Enterprise Management console. Please let me know if any additional software components need to be installed and what are the basic steps to achieve this using all the components.

      Thanks in advance.