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    High memory utilisation

    Sheron Fernando

      Hi All,


      We have a two server configuration for QlikView one running the application/web and the other containing the data. We are using Publisher.


      We did a change to the QVW on 26th Sep evening where some new reports were added to the QVW.


      Since then our Memory utilization in the Application/Web Server has increased to over 90% which is very alarming


      I have included a screenshot below from the Resource Monitor and Memory Utilization over the last seven days.



      I'm seeking advise from anyone to get us out of trouble.

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          Jason Klingler

          Hi Sheron,


          Any report accessed by the end users via the access point will have to be placed in memory via the qvs.exe. If the report is 2gb, then it will take up 2gb of memory when opened.


          Here are a few things you can check:

          • Via the Publisher (QVS process/Documents tab/make sure "Allow Only One Copy of Document in Memory" is checked.
          • Open the report in the Qlikview desktop and make sure Compression is set it High (Settings/Document properties/general tab/Compression on the left hand side)