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    How to one-click EXCLUDE

      I've already built my qlikview with a very large dataset.

      However, I'd like to be able to one-click exclude w/ toggle (meaning all charts/tables etc recalc without the selection) a selection. In this case, I'd like to have all data recalc excluding:

      a) all negative values for sales,

      AND / OR

      b) all customers with "smith" anywhere in their name.

      I could go back to the database and create a new field and flag the relevant values, but wondering if it's possible to do with set analysis or other method within qvw.

      Thanks in advance.

      p.s. wondering if you add multiple actions to a button, will clicking the button auto toggle through the entire list of actions? I tried adding multiple actions to a button, but it only activates the FIRST action. I'd like to use only one button to minimize and restore a chart for example.

        • How to one-click EXCLUDE

          Hi there henrynoh,

          in qlikview it is possible to use an expression inside a LISTBOX

          i have attached an example

          the list box simply has an expression that you wanted

          =if(Expression1 < 0 AND index( Dim1 , 'DG') > 0,'Includeed','Excluded')

          this way the user have a familiar control (listBox) and you are using qlikview's methods which is the best when ever it is possible.

          as a rule of thumb i try everything i can to not use macros.

          most simple automation can be done via the triggers and actions system

          its not that i say don't use macros , i only say try to train your mind to think qlikview ways before thinking macro ways:)

          have a nice day