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    How to flag clients?

      I just created a straight table which calculates for how many distinct years a client has generated sales. Now I have a list of customers and the number of years they were active. I would like to create a flag within clickview that will enable me to select clients with 4 distinct years of business, 3, 2, and so on. What is the best way for me to do this? Thanks in advance.

        • How to flag clients?
          Michael Anthony

          You could try creating a list box.

          Instead of selecting a field, use an <Expression> and put in:

          =Aggr(Count(Distinct Year),Client)

          you can then select from the listbox which # of distinct years and it will return the clients related to that. It will filter down if you make any selections, so if want it to always work on the total, may have to include a Set Analysis expression {1} as part of the count.

          You could also pre-calculate in the script and attach to each client record.

          Eg. Create a table




          Count(Distinct Year)) as clientyearCount

          Resident facttable

          group by Client;