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    Search option for listboxes is not activated in the free QlikView 9?


      Hi everyone,

      I have just started working with QlikView and I am getting used to it by working with the pdf tutorial provided and the file Tutorial.qvw.

      While doing so, I have encountered an issue when trying to search in the list boxes:

      - by typing letters in the activated list box (e.g. "Country", in the Geography tab),

      - or by trying to select "Search" from the Edit menu

      I repeat, the "Country" list box is activated, as it was said in the tutorial, and still the Search option does not work. Also, the numbers filtering (with "<1000", e.g. for the "Area" list box in the Geography tab) does not work either.

      I should mention that I downloaded the free version of QlikView 9, does that have something to do with it? Is the Search option not available for the free version?

      Thank you very much in advance for your time! [*]