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    Selecting dates

    Shahbaz Khan Mohammed


      I've created a Master calendar, find the attachment.

      I want to map this Master calendar to my fact table with a key and no fields match with my fact table.

      I tried to create DateID in my fact but the number of rows from Master doesn't match Fact.

      I also tried using Trim(DateID) as Date_ID to only pick matching dates from Master but that didn't work too.

      I want to pick a date from calendar in UI.

      EX: If a user selects 08/21/2016 to 08/25/2016 it should only show the data for these 4 days on bar chart. Instead it is showing all dates.


      Is there any way to pick dates or range dates from Master and also map it to fact?

      In Fact I've 4 fields of date.

      1. ActionDate

      2. Initiation Date

      3. Start Date

      4. End Date


      Also I'd like to join Start Date and End Date into one field. As in join. I used STARTDATE&'-'&ENDDATE as Date1, but the end result is those dates are everlaying upon each other but not joining.

      Note: I'm working on Qlik Sense. and I'm using an extension object for Calender where we add a date dimension and it will give us calendar.



      It would be great if anyone could help with this, Thanks.