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    Currency conversion in Qliksense

    kiran kumar

      Hello experts,


      I have a scenario in Qliksense if i select the USD the data is converted and show in USD,... in the same way if i select the INR the data is converted and show in INR, let us say base currency Indonesian Rupiah  ...like that for other currencies in the world. i need to put one filter for Currencies.


      How can i achieve this scenario.


      Thanks in Advance.




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          Shraddha Gajare



          You can create a variable with currency rate or currency

          And then use that variable in extension.


          For this purpose you can useQlik Branch extension.

          User can select currency from available buttons and according to selection value will change..


          I hope this is helpful.

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            Lakshmikandh Karthikeyan

            Have a currency master table with your base currency to other currency conversion rates,


            Like this


            Effective From | Effective To | AUD | USD | GBP | SGD | INR | etc


            as mentioned by shraddha.g use the qsVariable extension and create a Variable "vCurrency" and select the option of combo and add all the currencies with value & label (like 1: USD, 2:AUD,etc ) into the extension.


            When user selects currency in combo the variable will get values assigned like 1,2,3,4,etc based on currency,


            In your chart expression use like Base_Currency_Value * pick(match($(vCurrency),'1','2','3'... etc),USD,AUD,...etc)


            In case if you want to include the effective date also in the calculation use if statements and compare with tran_date

            Or join this currency master table to transaction table in the load script itself ( tran_date between eff_from and eff_to )


            Hope this helps,




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              rohit kumar

              Hi kiran,

              Why do you try Qlik data market once . The Qlik data market exist exactly for your use case .