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    Issue Publishing Document Extension

    Bertrand HERARD


      I've an issue with a Document Extension (not Object Extension). I've build a little Document Extension on my laptop, it Works.

      So I tried to publish on my QlikView Servers 11.2 SR8 11.20.12664.0

      I've 2 servers : a "backoffice" dedicated to reload, using Publisher and a Front office used for the Accesspoint only.


      1) I've copied my Document Extension  from C:\Users\%MyUSER%\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Document

      to the same folder on my server (in order to be able to see it using a local client on my server).


      2) in the QlikView local client on the server, I see this extension in Document Properties / Extension. It's active.


      3) I copied my Extension folder to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Document on both servers (Back office and Front office) to be sure (I think only the front office is necessary).


      4) On QMC, I've check that Extensions are allowed in System / QVS / Security / Allow Extensions


      5) In System / QVS / Folders / Alternate extensions folders are empty


      6) When I open the application in Full Web on Accesspoint, the Extension isn't working.


      My extension is very simple one, I'm trying to load Roboto font from Google Fonts, here is the script.js :


      Qva.AddDocumentExtension('RobotoFont', function(){




      Maybe a security issue to access an URL ? is the extension code launch on server site or client Site ?

      Do you have any idea ?


      Best regards