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    100% Stacked Bar Chart Object (Weekly and Monthly Drills)


      This is my first post in this community so please bare with me. Hopefully someone can help out a newbee.

      Problem- I am trying to create a stacked bar chart object showing percentage of requests by cycle time bucket based on of total Approval IDs. The issue is that using a drill down from month to week, the monthly view shows total as 100% within the stack, though when drilling into weeks this divides the 100% across all four weeks of the month rather than maintaining the height of each bar at 100% and just displaying on a weekly rather than monthly basis.

      I am importing an Excel table of Approval Requests with each row of the spreadsheet being a unique Request ID.


      1. Group
      MONTH([REQUEST Date]) as [Month Requested],
      WEEK([REQUEST Date]) as [Week Requested]

      2. Turnaround Duration Bucket (Within the source spreadsheet).

      Expressions - I extract the week and month of the Request Date and utilise these within a expression group.

      1. Total Approval % = Count([Request ID])/Count (Total [Request ID])

      Any advice you have would be appreciated.

      Thank you.