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    non-standard search or no pattern search or no filter search or ad hoc filter search

      I have a very basic question about QlikView

      I have 1000 rows with two columns

      city | population of city

      I have a table in my QV document with city and population. I also have a list box for cities to narrow down my resutls.


      City | Population

      A 1001

      B 2000

      C 3000

      D 4000

      E 5000


      Use case # 1

      I want to see population of only 3 (A, D, E) cities in my table and there is no character patter that I can put in my search box in cities list box that can give me the desired result. Only option for me is to do search 3 times.

      Is there any option in QV where i can put a comma separated text in the search box and expect the desired result?

      Thanks in advance.