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    Stack Bar Chart  - 100% Stack Bar Chart

    Ishan Bansal

      Hi Experts,


      Facing a scenario where in i am getting the values in the form of stack bar chart but i want to show that in the form of 100% stack bar chart.


      Dimensions - Week and Category

      Category has the formula -

      IF (Aggr(Sum(AMOUNT_CLIENT), [CLIENTNUMBER],[YEAR],[WEEK]) < 10, 'Low Spender',

      IF (Aggr(Sum(AMOUNT_CLIENT), [CLIENTNUMBER],[YEAR],[WEEK]) >= 10 AND Aggr(Sum(AMOUNT_CLIENT), [CLIENTNUMBER],[YEAR],[WEEK]) <25, 'Average Spender',

      IF (Aggr(Sum(AMOUNT_CLIENT), [CLIENTNUMBER],[YEAR],[WEEK]) >= 25 AND Aggr(Sum(AMOUNT_CLIENT), [CLIENTNUMBER],[YEAR],[WEEK]) <50, 'Hign Spender',' Very Hign Spender')))



      Measure is Count(DISTINCT [CLIENTNUMBER])


      These are basically categorized in Bucketing system.


      If you need any more details let me know.




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