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    Multiple reloads in dos batch script through schedule tasks stops after the first document

      QlikView for Windows 11.20.12235.0 SR5 64-bit Edition (x64)


      I have a dos batch script that runs a series of "qv.exe /r" on QlikView documents on a Windows 2008 R2 server with Terminals Services enabled.  If I run this as the user abc, it performs all the reloads.  If I setup a scheduled task as user abc, and to run as user abc, the script executes up to the first "qv.exe /r" then stops.  The next line in the batch script is to echo some text and it does not get to that line.  I have the scheduled task setup to "run with highest privileges" and "only when user is logged in".


      If I have the abc user logged in, and it's session disconnected, the batch script behaves as mentioned through the scheduled task.  If I log in as the abc user the batch file runs to completion through the scheduled task.  It doesn't matter what order it runs the reloads in, it's always the first one that is the only that gets run when this issue occurs.


      If have tried executing the "qv.exe /r" as a CALL, with no CALL and also as a START /WAIT and START /B /WAIT and the behavior doesn't change.  I'm verifying what is running by monitoring task manager for processes executing on the server.


      Does anyone have any idea why the this is happening or how to work around this issue?  Thanks!