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    Using a function in a set expression, what am I missing?

    Herbert van Hoogdalem

      Hi all,


      I'm experiencing a peculiar problem. I have selected a single line in my dataset


      Consider this expression in a textbox:


      It shows 3.01, just what i expect.


      Now what I was trying to do is give the sheet(s) a contextrich name, REK-3F-CE in this case.


      This one shows REK-3F-CE, just what i expect.


      Next step:

      =MID(GetActiveSheetId(),10) = 'REK-3F-CE'

      returns -1 (TRUE), just what i expect.


      Next step:

      =MID(GetActiveSheetId(),10) = Onderwerp

      also returns -1


      But the final step:


      This one does not yield the result i want, I'd like it to return the same 3.01 as the first expression.

      I was under the impression the function is executed, and the result used in the compare, but I suppose I am missing something here.

      Is there anyone who can enlighten me?


      Kind regards,